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She Better Mind Her Business Tuesdays

Helen Nurse1 Comment

Every Tuesday for the past three years or so I have had meetings for stay-at-home moms who want to start a business.  I have seen businesses start from scratch, grow, change, and expand in these past three years and am excited to know that my meetings have had a significant impact of other women's lives.  Through this organization, I grant a mom seed money to start a business and I am extremely proud of that.  The proceeds for the grant come directly from TracyChambers Vintage sales, so for all of you who have purchased anything from me, thank you.  I am grateful to your patronage because you help make this possible.

Every week I like to share a story about a woman in business as inspiration or share an article that will provide tips or information about running a successful business.  This week I am sharing a piece from SCORE that I hope you enjoy.’s-and-don’ts-checklist