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She Better Mind Her Business Grant 2015

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While I love vintage and fashion, helping women empower themselves financially is my passion and my business.  I remember when I was home taking care of my kids with no income wondering where I would to get the money to finance my dream.  Luckily I had support to get me through the beginning phase, but realized that some women do not have that assistance.  In an effort to help other women, I created She Better Mind Her Business, Inc. (SBMHB), a support network for stay-at-home moms who are starting a business.  In partnership with this organization, TracyChambers Vintage provides micro grants for start up (business cards, website, etc.) or operation costs (marketing materials, inventory, etc.) to mompreneurs.  It's grant award season and I need your help.  If you know anyone, or fit the criteria yourself, please spread the word about this opportunity.  The information is as follows:


Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom Who Wants to Start a Business?


TracyChambers Vintage through She Better Mind Her Business, Inc. (SBMHB) is "Empowering Moms to Own Their Financial Destiny” and will award a micro grant to a stay-at-home mom to start or grow a business.

She Better Mind Her Business, Inc. (SBMHB) is a support network for stay-at-home moms who are either in the early stages of launching a business or who already own one.

Helen Williams Nurse, owner of TracyChambersVintage was a stay-at-home mom for ten years. Once she decided to open her business in 2012 she changed her status from “Stay-At-Home” to “Work-At-Home” mom.  Helen, an advocate of women and entrepreneurship, saw the lack of support for Mompreneurs in her community as she struggled to launch her business. So later that year she formed SBMHB to encourage and provide support for moms who are in business. This was her way to pay-it-forward.

Are you ready to begin your journey to financial independence?



Must live in New York City area (within five boroughs)

Out of the workforce for at least two years. 

Must be ready to begin the process of launching a business NOW or have been in business UNDER A YEAR.

Grant awardee must attend grant presentation in order to receive grant.

***PLEASE NOTE: If the selected grantee does not respond to our outreach in 48 hours, the grant will be awarded to the next candidate.


Submit your business idea in at least 500 words. DO NOT include submission in the body of an email or it will not be considered. MUST be in a separate document (double spaced). 

Be sure to include your name, contact number and email address.

Short biography about yourself – tell us who you are, we are interested in learning more about YOU!

In a few sentences tell us how your business is not only impacting you but your community.





SBMHB Grant Awardee presentation to be held in to be announced soon!