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The One "Hot" Item Every Fashionista Should Have - A Garment Steamer

Helen NurseComment

For me a new year means a new wardrobe and I am constantly working on keeping my pieces fresh.  I have always used a steamer for my business as well as my personal wardrobe, and wanted to share some reasons for why you should become friends with a steamer.

Using a garment steamer can be less cumbersome as an ironing board.  I hate the bulkiness and weight of an ironing board and it makes so much noise in the wee hours of the morning when either me or my husband are up really early getting dressed.

There are also less mishaps with scorching fabric.  I often get distracted with the kids and either let the iron get too hot or leave it on a garment too long.  I can't count how many magnificent pieces I have ruined this way...ugh!  A steamer is also great for steaming pleats and those hard to reach places like under the arm.  

Garment steamers are not just for eliminating wrinkles but great for steam cleaning and keeping garments fresh. Steam sanitizes and helps kill dust mites and even bed bugs.  It deodorizes by penetrating the fabric but is gentle at the same time without the use of chemicals.  For lovers of vintage, most importantly it helps removes those unfavorable odors.  Not to mention what a money saver it is eliminating some trips to the dry cleaners.

When using a garment steamer I steam my garments from the bottom up because steam rises and working in this direction helps steam the garment quicker.  Some prefer to steam from top to bottom but either way it gets the job done.  One bit of caution is to try and avoid sequins, buttons and certain kinds of trim because the heat from the steam can cause them to melt.  I use the Conair Fabric Steamer which can be found at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond for about $65.  Happy steaming and #StayFreshMyFriends.

 The Conair Garment Steamer 

The Conair Garment Steamer