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Hot Toddies To Warm Your Body

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So the fall chill finally settled in and my throat began to get a bit scratchy but instead of reaching for an over-the- counter remedy I reached for some tea with honey and lemon with a twist. That twist is whiskey and I am talking about a hot toddy which has long been a cure for the common cold.  The hot toddy is a natural remedy for those nasty cold symptoms and it will help you rest better which is extremely important for fighting any bug. 


I opt for the no frills easy breezy version of toddy preparation which is to place a tea bag in a mug (I prefer lemon ginger tea), pour hot water and steep for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag, add honey and stir. Next pour in a dash or two of whiskey, rum OR brandy; add some lemon, stir and enjoy. If I want to be fancy I will add a stick of cinnamon which is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce cold symptoms.  

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Another way to prepare a toddy involves heating your mug with hot water while the tea is brewing separately. Once the hot water heats the mug, dump the water and coat the bottom with honey; add the liquor and squeeze lemon juice. Once the tea is steeped pour it over the honey, lemon and liquor mixture and stir. Oooh...fancy! 


However you decide to prepare your toddy make sure you sip slow to savor every bit of it - enjoy!