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Mom Tips Monday - She Better Mind Her Business

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So my mom tip this week deals with laundry and the kids. When do you get your kids involved in doing the laundry?  Well as soon as my kids learned their colors I had them sorting the laundry and as soon as they could reach the controls (even with a step stool) I had them using the washing machine to wash their own clothes and putting them away. Now, did they fold their clothes and put them away in each drawer neatly? Absolutely not! I don't even do that, but as a stay-at-home mom of three who was building a business I had to use every resource I could so I enlisted the little ones and this has made them extremely helpful. I haven't done their laundry in years, eight to be exact. I made sure that everyone in my household is a part of running this household so I can put more time into running my business. I hope you enjoyed this tip...stay tuned for more mom tips each Monday!