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Mom Tips Monday - She Better Mind Her Business

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You have these great ideas for a business and these kids in tow! It seems overwhelming but you know you can do this! Enjoy these five tips for a more productive day!

Get up before your kids: First things first...the early bird gets the worm and gets to sit in quiet before the crazy starts. It will be painful at first but trust me, if you can get up even 15 minutes before your kids normally get up it helps a great deal. As time goes on you can add more time until you get to at least a full hour and get a great start to YOUR day. 

Make a to do list: List are life! The one thing you have to remember about lists is not to overload them. I like to stick to 3-5 things on my list because I know I can only really accomplish a few things. Start with the three most important tasks for your business and add two tasks for your home and let it go. Celebrate the small wins of the day, then plan for the next 3-5 wins on the following day. Before you know it you have accomplished more than you thought you could. This is how I started my business. I would research a few things a day and at the end of the week I had so much accomplished without ignoring the needs of my family.

Put on a real outfit: This is so major! I used to wear sweats and tshirts and got stuff done but when I put on "real" clothes I got different things done. I felt like I was at work when I wore clothes that would be suitable at an office or in a power meeting. It is also good practice for when you have to present yourself to the public. It boosts your mood and makes you feel like you have not completely lost who you are. You can still be casual but pulled together. The photo above is the perfect example of a look that is pulled together but casual. You could wear this outfit to the park with the kids, to the grocery store, at the office or to a meeting with partners or potential investors.

Take a hike: I cannot say enough about getting out in the fresh air! It boosts the mood and the brain. If you are lucky enough to walk alone...great! If you have to walk with kids in tow...great...just get out and get moving. I come up with some of my best ideas while walking. It clears my mind and sparks creativity.

Do a 10 minute tidy: With all that you have on your brain to get your business in order, getting your house in order seems out of reach. Set the timer and pick one or two tasks to work through. This creates a sense of accomplishment and actually gets things done. The words of the day are slow, steady and consistent. Tackling tasks one at a time really does add up. In no time you will look up and have your business started and your house in order. Things might not be perfect but they will be moving. 

I hope these tips help you organize and move forward with reaching your goals. Remember Rome was not built in a day and neither is your business or your life. Enjoy the moments and the journey!